Last changes made on April 29, 2015

Welcome to the Riga Tango Marathon No.6 – traditional tango marathon only for close-embrace lovers (milonguero, close-embrace salon, no nuevo and open-embrace figures).

We’ll start on November 5 with the free excursion/tour in Riga. As the previous times, our guide will be Natalia Poliakova. The excursion will last about 2-2.5 hours and this time we will show our city from some other perspective.

This time for those who will arrive later we organize an additional excursion/tour on Friday before the milonga. Please, tick at registration, if you are going to participate and note which day.

Then we will follow the program – dancing, dancing, dancing with short breaks for sleep, eating and cordial conversations with friends. For your comfort all milongas, except the already traditional SPA milonga, will be held in one place - Riga Jewish Community house: Skolas Str.6. Read more →

A great international team of DJ-s will take care of music. Read more →

Since we want everybody in our marathon feels comfortable and safe, we would like to remind the tango etiquette on the dancefloor (Los códigos en la milonga). One of the clearest descriptions, in our opinion, you can find here:

During the milongas, there will be a cafe on spot (water, tea, coffee, wine and food included in the marathon pass).

Additionally, there will be also tango shop during the marathon where you can buy tango clothes and accessories.

On Sunday evening we continue in the White bathhouse (Balta pirts). It will be total relaxation, total freedom… if you want you can dance in cozy hall on the second floor of the building or can take sauna on the first floor... There will be Russian and Turkish bath (sauna) and pool. Home food, snacks, beverages... communication with friends.. in other words - everything that you want...

Don’t forget to take everything for bath (swimsuit, towel etc.). However, if you’ll forget it would be possible to rent towels, sheets on spot.

See you all in Riga!